Bateman: Songs to Sing and Play

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These trios were arranged to accommodate a large mixed ability group on a Wider Opportunities Programme. When there are sixteen class members learning the cornet with a corresponding number on the clarinet, the aptitude and work rate will vary enormously; hence the 3 levels of ability represented by parts A, B and C. This same dilemma is present in all group tuition, whatever the numbers, and sometimes it is necessary to write in the fingerings or slide positions in order to ensure continuity. It will also help to clap the rhythms, go through the pieces with silent fingers or silent slides and to buzz the separate parts on the mouthpiece. All the songs and lyrics are supplied separately (in the transposed key of C for simplicity) so the pupils may vocalise and then, as they learn the basics, from C to G (Bb to F) they can play the pieces, selecting the part most appropriate to their stage of development. In this way they will be introduced to the basics of rhythm, melody and harmony via some largely familiar material. It is important that the speed at which the songs are sung matches the speed of the fingers; hence the metronome marks. One of the features of the Wider Opportunities programme – the brainchild, I believe, of David Blunkett when he was Minister for Education in the Blair Government – is the participation of the classroom teacher who learns the instrument along with the pupils, and then oversees a reinforcement session between meetings. In an ideal world this would always be the case!

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