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The Gospel Academy was written in 2014 for the Advanced Ensemble on The Brass Academy Course. Aimed at Grade 5-7 abilities, this piece fills a hole in the repertoire for exciting music for young musicians to play, just below that common Grade 8+ standard of sheet music.

Inspired by the work of Chris Hazell, this 3 movement, flexible 10 part work covers Funk and Chorale styles all with authentic Gospel Harmonies, and tunes in all parts of the ensemble that are memorable and fun to play.

'Praise!' Opens the piece with a funky bass riff, followed by the punchy main theme. This theme is developed with a large riff-based build up towards the end, where the recapitulation includes even more interjections from the trombones.

'Hymnal' begins with a beautiful Horn solo melody, phrased in the style of a chorale. Then we hear the same hymn again fully harmonised, which builds into an exciting chorus with powerful countermelodies. This dies away until we hear the last line repeated, fading to nothing.

'The Evangelist' is a shouty funk movement with a classic call and response melody. This punchy movement features improvisatory lines, clapping, and a powerful uplifting key change to the dramatic finish!

Ryan Linham

The Brass Academy runs courses for brass players aged 8-18 of Grade 1 standard to Grade 8 and beyond. Our aim at The Brass Academy is to provide an outstanding environment in which children can learn and improve their playing while also having a great time. We achieve this principally by selecting tutors and other staff who combine a high pedigree as performers together with a skilled and empathetic teaching style. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere on our courses, where the hard-working but relaxed ethos gets the best out of all the children: and the afternoon sport and the evening activities really help the children make friends and enjoy themselves.

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