Bousfield: Unlocking The Trombone Code

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In this book, I will show to you the exercises, the methods, and the techniques that I use now and have used to bring me to where I am today. It is a kind of autobiography of trombone learning and practice routines. These, then, are the things that I use, and the methods that I stand by both as a player and as a teacher. ~Ian Bousfield

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Packed full of useful information

This book is not a stand-alone manual on learning the trombone. Until I got Ian Bousfield's book I was relying on YouTube tutorials and feedback from a friend who plays valved brass instruments. In the few weeks since receiving Unlocking The Trombone Code and following the tips and exercises I can see a marked improvement in the quality of my sound and my range of notes. The exercises are challenging but keep at them even if at first they seem beyond your reach.

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