Bristol: Five Miniatures

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Five Miniatures, written in 2003, was commissioned and first performed by Debra McKim, Marc LaChance, and Ruth Moore, faculty members at Hasting College in Hastings, Nebraska. It was premiered in the same year at Hastings College and the World Saxophone Congress in Minneapolis, MN. The compositional style of Five Miniatures is generally tonal and based on modes or other scales, excluding the Intermezzo, which uses the twelve-tone technique. Each movement was written to depict a different feeling or mood, from the lively, mixed meter, Dance movement to the more majestic and stately Rondo. The middle movement, Ballad, is pretty and amiable while the final movement, Perpetual Motion, moves along at a brisk pace with six-note melodic fragments exchanged between the tenor saxophone and trombone. The piano adds periodic sheets of sound and disjunct accompanying patterns.

A recording of Five Miniatures is available on the CD Snapshots by Demondrae Thurman.

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